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Mold and product design in 2D/3D

We possess the capabilities of speedy designing up to 30-40 pieces of customer made injection tools at a time in both 2D and 3D. We can also improve the design of existing customer product so that it becomes easier to mold and makes the tools more reliable. Mold flow analysis for complicated plastic parts is also available.

Mold production and testing

We can machine metal parts of the molds with tolerances of up to 0.005 mm which allows the injected product to meet the most stringent precision requirements. We also have an in-house polishing department with experienced staff capable of polishing uneven, small-sized surfaces to the highest optical level.

Part mass production

In-house and subcontractors’ injection molding machines ranging from 100T to 1600T allow us to promptly try the customer molds as well as mass produce plastic parts for the customers that don’t have their own injection equipment.

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Whether you require a large size (up to 10 tons) mass production tool or an ultra precision micro-molding instrument with minimum tolerances — DND International is your shortcut to efficiency and reliability.

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